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About Me

I had a career as an individual contributor in tech. Part of my job was to mentor less experienced engineers.
Later I moved into management, and started managing teams. This time mentoring was a big part of my job, both mentoring engineers and less experienced managers.
I always found mentoring useful, but for me, I didn’t want advice, I was more looking to learn things myself, finding my way. That’s when I learned about coaching.

I started integrating it into my tools as a manager. Quite a powerful tool too.
Coaching others helped me personally get better, and as I am who I am I did coaching in my own way after a lot of reading and experimenting with styles.
Later I had my own coaching experience as a coacheewhich was amazing experience. An eye-opener.

I have learned by doing, and went for coaching training. I have been able to help managers and engineers with their growth journeys and this has given me tremendous satisfaction. Coaching is quite rewarding and humbling.
Today I am here to be available for a bigger audience. Book a free call, let’s talk.


For any questions or inquiries feel free to message me over LinkedIn or email me at rhanna at circleofgrowth dot net